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Monday 18 November: FINISHED!!!.

Photo of finished auditorium.
Photo: Hurst Players

The other photographs have been moved to the News page - do please take a look and see the new auditorium coming to fruition.

On Wednesday 6 November someone became a Theatre 'Angel'!

As a charity we must be very prudent with our limited funds, and you can still play an important part in helping us to put the finishing touches to the auditorium. There are several things in the category of "Wouldn't it be nice if...", but which we could manage without if we had to. One of these was new low-level lighting of the edges of the aisle which would make it safer to negotiate if someone needed to enter or leave during a performance. Yes, we could manage without this, but wouldn't it be fantastic if we could include it?

We are absolutely delighted to announce that a couple from Burgess Hill came forward to sponsor the low-level safety lights, visible on the steps in this photograph. They will be a major improvement to safety when moving around in the darkened auditorium and we thank them for their community spirit.

But do not be dismayed: There are more items for you to sponsor, such as the contactless payment system for the Bar and Box Office. This is something we have been asked many times to add to the Theatre facilities, and we now have a plan to do so. We need to extend the data network to the Bar using a secure (that is, encrypted) link costing £240. We shall also require a network server costing £450 and the whole system should be powered via a back-up power supply that will preserve the accounts and keep the whole network running in the event of a power failure - this will cost £600. Of course, we will happily split these targets across two or more sponsors if that will help. If we can achieve contactless payments then we already know of many, many patrons who will be pleased, and you will know that it was all possible because of YOU.

Do please contact us if you would like to have a no-obligation chat about this.

Next Production

January 2020 will see the newly refurbished auditorium relaunched with Mother Goose, our annual family fun-packed pantomime.

Mother Goose poster

Mother Goose, by Norman Robbins

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Hurst Players Committee for 2019-20

  • Annette Squire - Chairman
  • Jo Porter - Hon. Treasurer
  • Marilyn Somers - Hon. Secretary
  • Sam Hile
  • Anne Hopper
  • Jo Kearns
  • Bob Sampson
  • Sue Wicks


  • Michael Squire