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Established in 1936, we are a thriving village theatre group, focussed on bringing exemplary drama to West Sussex and entertainment to our local community and beyond. Please use the navigation links above to browse our website.

Next Production

The excellent production of Rope at the beginning of May was well received by audiences who listened, rapt, as the plot twisted and turned.

JB of Sussex said: ¨...this was probably the best performance I have ever seen. The acting... was breathtakingly good. Some of their speeches in the second half in particular would have graced a professional production without any doubt."

Now we have another strong play with real promise:

Sister George poster

The Killing of Sister George, by Frank Marcus

Tuesday 2 until Saturday 6 July. Box Office opens 7.15pm. Doors 7:30pm, Curtain Up 8pm

A scathing examination of the public and private lives of so-called ´cultural icons'. 'Sister George' is a beloved character on a popular BBC soap opera, a cheerful nurse who rides her scooter about the countryside singing hymns and doing good. In private life, June Buckridge, the actress, is a foul-mouthed, alcoholic lesbian in a long-term relationship with Alice 'Childie' McNaught. Due to low ratings, cut-backs and June's own bad behaviour, the BBC decides to 'kill Sister George' on the series. A visit from Miss Mercy Croft, a no-nonsense network executive bearing the bad news sends George into meltdown, which results in 'Childie's' retreat into the arms of Mercy.

Tickets on general sale from Monday 3 June (Members' Advanced Booking opens Monday 27 May) via the Hurst Players Online Box Office.

Theatre Refurbishment

It has been apparent for a while now that the theatre building is in need of some significant maintenance and refurbishment work. The committee embarked on an exploratory discussion of this in 2015 and, following consultation with construction industry professionals, a proposed schedule of works was arrived at. This would involve a major overhaul of the auditorium area, including replacing the aging seating, revamping the LX & SFX systems, and removing the two columns which partially obstruct the view of the stage from the seats behind them. (The full proposal can be accessed on the "News" page).

On Thursday 13th October 2016, an EGM took place at the Players Theatre and a motion was put to a membership vote. This motion asked the membership whether they consented to the proposed works and the budget outlined. In an historic display of enthusiasm, the decision to pass the motion was unanimous by all those eligible to vote. As such, the motion has been adopted and the renovations will take place according to the schedule laid out. The committee are extremely grateful to all those who attended, took part in the discussion, and voted to permit the works to go ahead. This is an exciting opportunity to inject new vigour into the theatre and future-proof it for many decades to come.

The Players are now in the process of raising the necessary funds for this landmark 'building refreshment'. As such, we are now gratefully accepting donations to help us realise our dream. Clicking the button below will take you to our online donations page, where you can help us make this project a success! Any amount you are able to give will make a real difference to the future of quality theatre in Hurstpierpoint. Thank you.


We are grateful to be included on Drama Groups, an international directory of Theatre Companies and acting resources. Visit their website to discover more.

Hurst Players Committee

  • Steve Somers - Chairman
  • Jo Porter - Hon. Treasurer
  • Marilyn Somers - Hon. Secretary
  • Annette Squire
  • Anne Hopper
  • Jo Kearns
  • Chrys Tarr
  • Bob Sampson


  • Michael Squire